Going to shut down the Snap Lak Pub (SLP) at the end of the month (12/17). The Taco server has everything needed and much more. No need for 3 active servers and we have SCP available also. Thanks to everyone that lended a hand on SLP these last 5 years or so. Had a alot of great games in there. Thanks to some great Admins; Sami, Zelta, Choco, Mist, & MO. Bleron & Brandon big assist also.


  • Ravins not going anywhere tho, hopefully. He still has Super Admin on Taco. Unless he wants to go somewhere.

    Some info about the Taco server:
    Its in Dallas.
    Its hosted on a Vultr VPS (not Branzone)
    64 slots.
    Lots of Lak maps. Lots of custom maps.
    CTF, Lak, Spawn CTF, duel mod occasionally
    Match summaries are posted in a channel in our discord.
    Classic, Evo mod.
    We got a decent crew of admins. Some you may or may not know.
    Things are in constant development of course.

    This isn't a takeover or anything as some would love to believe but a matter of convenience. To provide a service and to be able to update/modify it without going thru too many hoops or taking a whole lot of time as Ravin doesn't have a lot of free time to mess with the server and test stuff.

    Taco has been up for two months. First month with branzone, Second month with Vultr. Had a bit of time to get the bugs out by then. It runs on Linux in wine and has been stable for the most part.

    I keep no IP logs. No connect logs. Only admin logs.

    Map rotation is focused on smaller intense maps but a lot of popular maps are available. Twl, Twl2, S5, S8. Some maps I put together with stock assets and terrains.

    My goal is to provide a good service that's competitive. Trying to at least to do some fun new things if the community wants it.

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