how do I install new maps?

New guy here. Played back in the day. Trying out a dedicated server.
How do I install new maps. I have the vl2 files copied to the /base folder.
Do I need to reference them somewhere in another file?

Still working out port forwarding issue to get on the master list...



  • Putting maps directly into the base folder, assuming there's nothing wrong with or weird with the maps involved, should work and you should see them listed in-game.
  • Look at your prefs folder for ServerPrefs.cs, in there you should see $Host::Port = "28000"; - T2 uses UDP, so you'll want to use that to open a port. New maps will be in .VL2 format, these are basically renamed .zip files so if you are having trouble with getting maps to show up, open it and make sure it has a "missions" and a "terrains" folder.
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    Excellent. They are there. Thank you Keen and rJay.
    Can I make the server continue to cycle maps even when no human is playing?

    Yeah, I think the forwarding issue is on my firewall and translating to the outside IP address.

  • Ok, the maps are cycling now and I have them randomized.

    Last question.
    How do I know what player limits to set on new maps?
    Example: $Host::MapPlayerLimitsOasis_DM = "-1 32";

    I have to specify that, right, or no bots will show up?

  • Leave the $Host::MapPlayerLimits as they are, those are fine with their default values. To specify the bot limits, increase the $Host::BotCount setting after you enable (set it to 1) the setting $Host::BotsEnabled.

    Also, there is a bug with the server that will list twice the bots that you have in the server list. I attached a fix for you, it's a file named "ConnCtPatch.cs." Put it in "GameData\Base\scripts\autoexec" if you're hosting a normal Base server or "GameData\ModNameHere\scripts\autoexec" if you're hosting a mod. Only do this if you experience the bot listing problem, of course. And remember that not all maps are bot supported by default, so don't be surprised if some maps don't show in the map list after your server is live.
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