Does anyone know what this number means?

I setup a Renegades server and see this number at the end of the server name but not sure what it means. The number seems to increase as well. Does anyone know what it means?



  • Today the number is different. Anyone know what this number is for?

  • The mod, or a script, is appending that to your $Host::GameName/$ServerName variable for whatever reason. Couldn't really say why without seeing the script or knowing the author's intent, but I'd figure they'd put in a setting to disable it somewhere... if it can't be found, you should be able to just reset it with $ServerName = $Host::GameName; after the server loads (assuming it's only appending it on startup).
  • I figured it out. It was Tricon2. When staying connected to the server via telnet using Tricon2, it was trying to re-push the server name to the prefs at the same time the server was running. This was duplicating the server name, hence the [2], [3] and [4] numbers following the server name on the list of servers. I restarted the server and disconnected Tricon2 and could no longer reproduce the issue.
  • Well, nevermind. The issue came back after a few hours. Back to square one.
  • Update on this.

    ChocoTaco found that the number appears to increase each time a player connects to the server. I was able to confirm and reproduce this but I don't understand why someone would want this to appear in the public server list. It would be better to have player connection count appear in a log that only admins can view.

    Ruled out Tricon 2 as the cause.

    Isolated the cause to something in the Renegades mod but unable to diagnose further because Renegades comes already compiled with DSOs.

    Next step is to try a work around.
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    You could probably look at the DSO files themselves to narrow down which one is responsible. Variable names (including globals) should be visible in the string tables. If you find the DSO that contains "Host::GameName", that might give you some indication of where it is, and if you can unload the particular file that causes it without disrupting much else.

    Normally player connection events are handled by server.cs -- it would be strange to have that be a DSO for a mod. Even if it's a DSO, you should be able to use a package hook to restore the original server name on the player object connection/disconnection functions.

    Oh, you might also be able to edit the DSO (carefully) to change that global reference to a different variable (e.g. "Host::FameName"), so the writes still occur, but not to the variable that actually controls the network protocol visible name of the server.
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