IronSphere RPG v1481 (2018)

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I messed around with IronSphere RPG last year for a few days to add a main story, where you could even take different paths in the story. That would give the player lots of main and side quests to complete, which would give the game some scope as you'd have a reason to grind. But I stopped after I saw how much work there is left to be done on this mod (it's not finished) and how much little time there is, especially with a very weak Torque scripting familiarity.

But despite abandoning this goal, I wanted to at least release what was finished, because I still think it's worth a download. It's not even half of what I aimed for, but these small changes will make the mod more fun. I recommend that you play as a Mage or Warrior, as some classes are unbalanced.

Download links
Link 1

Install instructions:
  • 1.Place the file "Ironsphere_148_Online.bat" and the folder named "GameData" into your Tribes 2 Install location and press "Yes" if you need to overwrite.
  • 2.Enter the game by using Ironsphere_148_Online.bat and join an Ironsphere RPG server!

View the full list of people who've worked on this mod by opening "isCredits.txt" in the folder "GameData\ironsphererpg".

Version 1.481:
  • Modified the F1 help menu again and slightly changed the info for some commands.
  • Added the "#help" chat command. Use this to get gameplay tips, skill/spell lists and info, or a big list of chat commands.
  • Added sounds for smithing, mining, changed song for Yolanda, added another song for Keldrin Town, and increased ore spawn rate by 50%.
  • Slightly modified all the quests' text, increased required quest items, and added +2 LCK as an additional reward for completing quests.
  • Fixed some console spam.
  • Fixed the "#advcompass" command.

Version 1.48:
  • Added 30 very simple fetch quests
  • You can now press the number keys to respond to a quest NPC instead of typing your responses.
  • You can use the Pack key to automatically say "hi, buy, yes" to NPCs instead of having to type it.
  • Added some sounds for casting spells, weapon swings and hits, monsters, etc. Muted some annoying sounds.
  • Added new songs for some areas.
  • Slightly modified the item information display in the shop and stats screen.
  • Added new buttons in the shop and inventory screen that let's you view the full stats of a selected item.
  • Replaced the F1 help text with text that's related to this mod. Think of it as a small guidebook.
  • Tweaked the monster drops and other game settings to what I consider better.
  • Fixed a bug where the game did not actually remove items from your inventory after quest completion.
  • Neutral casting and sense of heading skills are easy to get for anyone now, as they're not super useful anyway.
  • Ironsphere_Screenshot.png


  • Wow, thanks. Never thought I'd see anyone touch this again.
  • It is indeed kinda weird considering its age, but I'm glad it piqued your interest.
  • It is indeed kinda weird considering its age, but I'm glad it piqued your interest.
    Yeah, I tried it years ago. Explored everything, etc.
  • I updated the link to include my last update, version 1.481. It always annoyed me how there was no way to get a full list of commands and some info except outside the game.
  • Yeah and I had Googled it years ago and found zero. Nothing.
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