Enabling Tribes Next Heartbeat?


Recently toyed around with getting a server hosted, although it appears I need some Tribes Next "heartbeat" enabled to do so? (If I have friends not local to my lan who would like to join).

I note, running a server manually (cmd/console) I can host a server fine and connect locally, although the server is never populated via the server list in-game.

Also noted is I DO NOT see the echo of "-Heartbeat confirmed" in the Tribes console.

If I run T and launch/host a server from inside the game, the heartbeat triggers (as seen in the T console) and the server is populated in the server list.

Is there a way around this?

I've been digging around in the .cs files, but I have yet to spot this output...

Any info helps.


  • Unless you're running the server with the "-nologin" flag (which sets it to run in LAN mode), the server will automatically start the heartbeat timer.

    Running StartHeartbeat(); will send a new heartbeat and reset the timer, if you need to see an immediate result.

  • Much appreciated!

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