Server issue

Hi guys!

When i attempt to connect to my Classic+Lak Rabit server I am pinging higher than I should be, I check all my TCP and UDP settings, also others are tending to ping 55-60 ping higher than they should be,


  • Are you connecting to a local/LAN server? Higher meaning what, exactly? Are you accounting for the ping being the full trip there and back? Do you have the perf counter enabled?

    The game communicates over bare native UDP sockets, and there's not really any overhead in the game itself to cause a delay -- save for it being a single-threaded application and client data packet transmission being tied to the tick rate, which will cause a small deviation with the standard counter, but certainly not in the 55ms+ range.

    If it's mainly players outside your network who have a ping that much higher than what's expected, my first guess would be a bad hop/poor routing somewhere or possibly some QoS or other traffic filtering on your network. You should ask someone to do a traceroute to your IP to test if the delay comes before it gets to the server.

  • Hi Krash!

    I connected to it via LAN but it is an online server, how would i enable perf counter?

    It is an online players connecting outside my network, running a trace route rn will update you asap

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    You can configure both server and client to use the perf counter with setPerfCounterEnable(1); in the console (I believe classic has a server preference you can set to do so automatically if you're running it, but I don't know it offhand) and it'll be a little more consistent with scheduling... though their implementation of that tick counter is imperfect and won't work in every configuration: notably due to the way they're ignoring the change in precision when converting the counter value to 32-bit, the game can appear choppy when it falls out of sync on systems where a higher resolution timer is in use (such as when running under WINE).

    It should generally be fine running that on Windows itself though.

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