Tribes 2 in Portugal! Is ping 200 worth to play?


I was introduced to Tribes 2 in 'fnac' Barcelona if i'm not wrong in a school trip. It was to a near coastal town someone made a suggestion to go to Barcelona it was near something that crossed my mind somehow i accepted and found this game in the games section never heard about it it was 'awesome'. I was going deep maybe the right word in networking game and it was another game from franchise 'unreal' was in a great hipe. I played alot of that in that times and some quake 3 arena mod. But, i bought the game in a import business very expensive. In Portugal just found out a portuguese irc channel with one guy and gave up. Time passed by this was in 2000.

I wanna give a good try it's somehow an influence, and found out that there is some activity to play. With this patch. I'm beginning to feel i may start to play it's not a easy game. And i have that curiosity if a ping in Portugal like 200 would ruin the fun. Greets to all.


  • The game will be harder to play with 200 ping but it's still worth it. There have been many people playing with 150 - 250 ping, including me.

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