Weapon Sound Change

Howdy to those of you who still play.

I usually only shared map making creations but I got the drive to change a bunch of my weapon sounds this time. Once I got the idea to use Total Annihilation (1995) sounds, I started having a lot of fun with this idea. In testing, some of these sounds drastically improved my personal experience in the game. Rate of fire of automatic weapons actually feels rightly expressed in sound, the missile lock sounds feel way better, the Total Annihilation sounds for certain weapons makes them feel really satisfying to use. Many of the sounds aim to reduce some of the static noise and provide more clarity rather than getting you ears blown up because the other team really likes shooting missiles at you. The only non weapon sound adjusted was the armor jet to reduce some of the static in the soundwave.

Attached is the collection of specific vl2 files for each weapon, as well as a compiled vl2 that has them all in one. If you want all the sounds, just put the big file in base. If you only want specifics, use the smaller ones.

As a bonus gift I included a cool bioderm skin I made back in the day.

There is an excel file to briefly overview the changes I made, and a longer README for those who want to read more about it. (Got into documentation mode I guess.)

These do not replace the installed sound files, but rather get loaded in place of the defaults. It's as simple as adding or removing them to base to add or remove the sound sets.

Feedback appreciated as always. No guarantees I'll check back often though!



  • I got to thinking that these days people like to preview things before using them. Here are a couple video links demonstrating the sounds in the game. There is some jank in the lighting/ammo display of the vehicle video as I used the map editor to remove lightning for the recording.

    Vehicle sounds and incoming missile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAhXmL0gHzE

    Handheld weapons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5umf9zqR17U

    The only sound in the pack not demonstrated was when an enemy is targeting you with a missile. (Turret doesn't make targeting sounds on the player). It is pretty similar to the incoming sound though.

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