so are we going to have teams or clans or whatever?

now I sort of get how to play the game, and I can go around and shoot pretty well and repair problems. I think that the best way to continue to learn would be to be on an actual team, that had plans when it went into a match, and so on. So are we going to have those?


  • Well, there are the old leagues, and the Goons people are working on a tournament idea (maybe it will work out to be nicer for casual teams).
  • We should have tribes going right now, but everyone is waiting for the in-game browser and t-mail to be completed.
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    Well that's up to you. There are definitely clans out (new and old) that might be recruiting. As for "teams" (like in a tournament)... I will try to facilitate "pick-up groups" via my forums and ventrilo server when Goon Haven has their own tournament.

    Clans are bound to form... and hopefully since the game is now 100% free new people will continue to trickle in over time. I mean, people still play Ultima Online! T2 is old, but it's aged well.

    edit: Oh if you meant the in-game clans I don't know.
  • yer i wanna be in a clam like u guys are
  • Hey hey... I know that the little tags aren't that much, but it's fun to have a group with the matching letters/numbers/&@^! combinations at the beginning of their names.
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