Could this be a hack attempt?

::) Some one said they received this error message when trying to access our ## {dggs} Fast V2 server. Is this a hacker attempt or what is it?
Message in the BOX " Server sent back unreasonable IP
challenge source. Possible relay
attempt attack


  • No this is not a hack. It's a error saying that he could not join for some reason. But it's not a hack.
  • ThythThyth Apotheosis Incarnate
    Verify that the global IP of your server is in the $IPv4::InetAddress.

    That message is generated by the code designed to prevent a clever active replay impersonation attack. A server that fails to acquire its global Internet address will throw that message.
  • Well Thyth that's all beyond me, I rent this server from Branzone and I would think they would have stuff like this covered ;) . It's just that somebody told me that another player was hacking in and he got that message, whew what to think :'( when all we want is GOOD GAMES ;D . Any ways I'll send the screen shot to them the complaint player sent me showing the error message at his attempt to join us, if you want it send me an email addy to send to.
  • ThythThyth Apotheosis Incarnate
    Is this all players who connect to the server, or just one?

    If it is all, then it is a problem with the server. If it is just one (or less than all) player who is having a problem, the problem is on the player's end.
  • So far it's been just one player.
  • ThythThyth Apotheosis Incarnate
    Then it isn't a server problem, it's almost certainly a problem with the client not getting its external IP address.
  • I've received this message a few times in the last couple months. It's self correcting after I refreshed my server list.

    That's quite an odd animation you have under your name Thyth.
  • I get this randomly as well. It seems to be happening quite frequently as of lately. It doesn't matter what server I try and join but it will pop up that message, and if I try to connect immediately after I UE. But then I restart t2, and everything loads 200% faster, so I try connecting to the server again (about 5 seconds after crashing) and it works fine, every time.
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