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I haven't forgotten. ::)

Anyway, as I'm sure at least some of you have heard, there is going to be a mapping contest going down soon, and, I'd like to know who's going to participate, and who would like to judge.
We're starting off with CTF maps for base / classic first.

Current guidelines:
  • No map mods. This means no custom weapons or vehicles or anything like that in a map. Forcefield, max vehicles and max turret mods are allowed.
  • The maps must be serverside.
  • One submission per person. If multiple missions are submitted, the last mission submitted will be judged.
  • Your map must be original except for the serverside elements. This means you cannot re-make a dynamix map, etc
  • The map must be compatible and made for classic or base.
  • The map must be CTF-gametype.

Current Judges:
  • Eolk
  • Mruballos
  • Dudebot
  • `Phoenix
  • Vazolyth


  • dibs on judge
  • I can judge.
  • I'm not applying to be a judge, but I would be interested in participating in perhaps a sort of live playtest as part of the judging process.
  • thebeazthebeaz Waffe Des Gottes
    Is this the same mapping contest that Alviss was running? I accepted his invite to be a judge and a Goon Haven server will be set aside for map testing. If this is not the same contest then disregard!
  • I'd enter if it was a building contest. :P
  • Glad we have volunteers for judge. Now, who actually plans to enter some maps? :P
    And yes, this is the mapping contest suggested by Alviss.
  • This seems like a good time to ask: Does anyone know how to map?
  • I will enter just for giggles, havent done any mapping/messing with T2 since way back , but i will try :)
  • Good, because that was a trick question: if you reply, you are conscripted. It's just convenient that you want to anyways.
  • I can judge.

    Except you never know how a map is going to play with 30ish people judging by yourself. So either we need more judges, or you should explain how maps will be judged.
  • When are we doing this Eolk?
  • Soon. I just want to make sure there are actually some people who CAN map, first. :P
  • Okay. I will still do judging...what is the pay? (JK)
  • I would help judge - I also have great ideas for maps if anyone wants to make them :D
  • I second fling's self nomination.

    Personally, I can't map, and I don't want to judge, but if there is some other way I can help I would try.
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    With any luck I'd be able to enter a map.

    I'd recommend a loooong timeline for submission... maybe mid to late summer ? That would give people time to get back into it.

    But that might just be my aging neurons talking... it's been a while since I made a map and the old support sites probably aren't online anymore. One site had a snapshot of every model (ie. building, rock, etc.) which was pretty handy.
  • Actually, I'm mapping and I'll submit!
  • Good luck all. If I get picked as a judge don't try to bribe me. (Unless you have something cool, like money ;) ). Just Kidding.
  • Where do I submit? I'm just about ready. I've been told I need to work on the sky.
  • Has this died?
    Were there awards?
    News/Updates would be nice... :P
  • Still activate. We gave two(2) months for them, so we are still waiting.
  • How many submissions have you gotten?
  • I am going to say only one so far. Because Eolk has shared that with us. But maybe he has some more he didn't share with us yet.
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