error- Unknown name status code returned from server

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I searched for this "error- Unknown name status code returned from server"

i dont see this phrase anywhere on the website, I don't see anybody else havin this problem.

I run one processor, its not affinity
i can connect to every other server
my firewall is disabled
i downloaded a clean gsi and the patch, havent put ANYTHING from my custom install in there
i cant login with my cousins account either (SirGass aka Chitlins Juice}

maybe the server is scared of me because i blow shit up so much

this is what happens when i try account creation

i can get past this to this


and then it does this


i tried everything i can think off, no clue.

help a brotha out, i wanna blow shit up

oh and i tried my rsa on 512 and 7-whateveritis, no go

any help is massively appreciated, thx


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