Anybody have this flag icon?

I'm lookin for this flag thingy i had years ago, mine got corrupted and I have no idea where i got it from. anybody got it stored somewhere? i know its a longshot, but check for me. thx.


excuse the bot crotch shot



  • Do you have any idea what it might've been called?
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    well... i know its NOT these :-\

  • I see no images... are there supposed to be images?

    Check TribalOutpost, they've got a ton of stuff and the icon might be in there.
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    hmmm. host croaked. not at the outpost. i figure i got it outta somebodys ftp or some obsure place. hold on, lemme fix.

    i actually tried to make it last year, never could get the alpha layer or the shadow right. may try again soon.
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