Function Library r7a

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Update for all mods using DynaBlade's function library: Function Library release 7a is now out.

Changes include:
[#] Stripped out unused, useless, or weird functions
[#] Optimized most functions
[#] Includes useful functions from Classic (originally created by ZOD, z0dd, and Founder)
[#] As always, new functions that may be useful for modders

7a changes:
[#] Fixed a few comment typos
[#] Included new getDelimWord() provided by nil

Documentation is listed in comments above each function.

What is Function Library?
This is a collection of common shortcut functions and support scripts to add functionality to Tribes 2 that I felt was missing. Other scriptors may find this library reference useful. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, a modder may find this collection of functions helpful in learning better how to mod or to enhance their mod with a few shortcut functions.


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    God damn it keen.
    Why do you have to be so awesome?
    *quickly downloads*
  • very cool ty.
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    Cool, I will use it with my latest war2009 mod...
  • The most recent time I ran some of your stuff on my computer, it crashed.

    Granted it wasn't T2 scripts...
  • Has anyone found this useful at all?
  • Looks good but will check them over the next few days...
  • If you could make it a package of faster/more efficient maths/better replacement functions, clients would benefit too.
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