Meltdown 2 Classic - Instant Action Ultra Mod

What do you get when you take Meltdown 2, add infinite energy, and speed up shooting and jetting? You get Meltdown Classic. The same legacy from Tribes 1 has returned in all it's Tribes 2 glory.

Why create Meltdown Classic.... again?
I prefer balance for fun. However, most people don't, either because they lack the brains to think or just want to blow stuff up. For this reason, I've created a faster-paced run-and-gun mod to compete with other ultra mods. The paths these two mods take will eventually split them apart.

Differences from Meltdown 2:
* No limits, meaning no deploy to flag limitations, mode limitations, etc
* Spawn favorites
* All armors move much faster, infinite energy, have lots more ammo
* PBW range is unlimited
* More Mitzi modes, more power in your hands
* Instant-kill starburst
* Superweapon Targeting Laser pack, instant superweapon uses, instant reloads
* Daishi jets
* Much more

Liked War2003? Come play the original mod war stole it's code from.

Download and Information:


  • Love Meltdown 2 Classic? Then you will love War 2003 version 588. ( :P)
    Anyway I will check out Meltdown 2 Classic :).
  • I'm on a mission to stomp war200whatever for the last time.
  • What do you mean?
    War2003 is over anyway. Defender is not coding, I am not planing anything with it., the biggest community with it has stopped hosting. Rumble/RF has moved to a different game, War2003 is over.
  • And for those who may want to play a game like that, this will be a new option. Problem solved.
  • hawt, i think im going to try it out on my dorm later this week =P
  • tribes2.exe -online -mod MD2Classic
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