New patch!

There is a new patch! Go get it!

Go to the "downloads" tab, and get the "multiplayer patch". That is RC2!


  • Don't tell me what to do.

    (but why?)
  • What is why?
    What is question?
    What is...(you guessed it)
    If by 'is' you meant I 'is' as in I 'is' was there, then....
  • is there a changelog/additions posted somewhere?
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    Here's the changelog on the Roadmap:
    The current version of the TribesNext patch is RC2. The features implemented in this version are as follows:
    • An upgrade to the Ruby interpreter to version 1.9.0, and significant improvements to the interpreter interface (it will now properly process newlines, enabling use of just about any Ruby script).
    • A basic error handler for Ruby, so errors aren't swallowed into the abyss.
    • Support for dynamic in-memory modification of the native game code.
    • The Ruby interpreter process dies properly when the game closes unexpectedly. No more issues with dozens of unused processes anymore.
    • Server side support for DCE certificates. DCE certs are used to indicate current name (if the account has been renamed), current clan, and all clan membership. This is the game-server component of the browser/clan system.
    • Client side support for handling DCE certificates. None of the UI or centralized system integration is in the RC2 release, but certificate handling is in anyway as part of bug testing the server side implementation.
    • Early version of the anticheat framework.
    • Minor modifications to the authentication server protocol. This will prevent any more bad RSA keys from being incorporated into accounts.
  • All MaxOGC hosted Tribes 2 servers have been updated with the new patch.

    Thanks for all the hard work that has gone into these patches!
  • There is a new patch! Go get it!

    Go to the "downloads" tab, and get the "multiplayer patch". That is RC2!
    thats what he wants you to think.

    Its a trick.
    DIAL 911!
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