So, random question.

If you could have any weapon on a Shrike, or change out turrets on the Thundersword, what would you put there?


  • Maybe a shocklance too.
  • No, not a mortar on a shrike, but a high velocity grenade launcher (preferably shoots straight)... timer shots would make it like a flak cannon...
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    On a Shrike: can be the same weapon, but with a little bigger splash damage - not too much big. Less than plasma has.

    On a Thundersword: turret with splash damage like spinfusior or plasma, but rather plasma.

    And that's everything.

    *splash damage - an area of damage that can be done to target, not only when target is hit directly.
  • For Keen: (BOOSTERS)
  • Shrike: Missiles/Rockets, Mitzi :P

    Thundersword: Mortars!, Rapid Fire Rockets, Flak, Nukes :D
  • for the bomber : chaingun.

    shirke : sniper lazer
  • Drunk Missiles from Rise of the Triad. Probably too old for many of the peeps here to remember, not a very good game, but a great weapon.
  • Definitely a mortar on a shrike.. or some type of extended shocklance.. now that would be fun to chase bombers with!
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