Huge Error How Do I Fix?

alright well i was fine all night then i got this file of Tricon Content which i needed to be an admin for one of the servers. But Then it was fine still yet randomly i was on the

SoloServer MeltDown2 and was flying the Nightshade Support Cruiser under the transport vehicles and i just stop going forward near a hill and it fell and glitched inside the wall. so the game froze , yet my comp did not so i task manager process killed it. from there i try to reboot my system but there comes the big error

i get a huge Execption Acess Violation for no reason and i got like 10 of them the Tribes 2 has been running fine for the past 3 days and i was wondering

- Am i Banned (if So Why)

-Or Are my Files Messed Up

oh and if i placed this in the wrong section im sorry i did not see a section for errors!


  • I'm unsure, running the program with elevated permissions sometimes helps.
    Updating your video drivers is another good thing to try.

    Could you provide the operating system you use, video card, and a screenshot of the errors if they appear again?
  • delete any dsos ever?
  • Soccerman 48, do you mean the Access Violation exception? I just found a link for it (I made a search):

    Blakheart's tip is a very good one. Always after exiting the game make a Windows search for *.dso and check that all found files are in your Tribes 2 folder (I think only this game creates dso files, but I'm not sure). Then delete them (Ctrl+A is the command for choosing all in Windows XP, at least).

    Edit: Oh yeah, sorry! You're not banned: the error is a Windows one, not a server one. (I changed 'operating system' to 'Windows', because Soccerman is obviously using Windows.

    To me, your files seem only temporarily messed up. There are free trials (one for each) available for Windows Live OneCare ( and Ashampoo WinOptimizer 6 (

    This is the right place to post this message.
  • T2 compiles dsos from the game scripts and uses the dso it finds rather than bothering with reading the script the dso resulted from each time you play. So if you made changes in video settings or script attributes, settings may not save due the fact the game will run off the dsos the game compiled at startup. So it is often a good idea to delete the dsos, or use one of the scripts available that deletes them at each game shutdown. Once you have your settings and scripts tweaked you may no longer need to delete dsos ever again, but in a crash of the game or windows the dsos will likely be fooched and will have to be deleted manually unless you have the dso delete script. It's all about the dso, man.
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