Failure To Launch after Driver Update

i had old drivers and updated for my Steam Game's however now my Tribes 2 gets an error
Unhandled exception: c0000005---I
At Address: 00000000

That's how the box looks i just put the ----'s in for spaces any known way to fix this im running Windows XP Pro Edition i believe.

Oh how i would like to play some tribes and so would my brother, his computer is broken so i let him use mine while im not home... how nice right?


  • If there is a more recent driver available, you can try installing that. Otherwise you will have to look back at slightly older versions, or revert to the driver you were using previously.
  • Aww Man this stinks ..... well i dont remember what my old configureation was and i dont have a system checkpoint may just be goodbye from tribes next.... i tried all types of compatability Mode's but nothings working....
  • Can anyone verify that, this program he has placed above is working , not a virus and does not send information to any other place then to me.

    thanks for the help.
  • Spyware/virus or not, it's pay software with a pirated serial. We have a very strict no-Warez policy on this board. Offending post has been deleted.

    The only thing I can suggest is to play around with different driver versions.
  • and delete dso files
  • If you want to revert to a previous driver version in Windows XP you can do this:

    > Run
    > type " devmgmt.msc " without quotes and click Ok.

    Depending on what kind of driver you updated (Graphics, Audio, etc.) click on the " + "

    For Graphics Card Update
    Click the " + " to expand the tree and Right-Click your card.
    +Display Adapters
    |__ (Your Card)

    For Audio Card Update
    Click the " + " to expand the tree and Right-Click your card.
    +Sound, video and game controllers
    |__(Your Card)

    Select Properties from the context menu and navigate to the " Driver " tab. Hit the button labeled " Roll Back Driver ". You may not have any previous drivers backed up.
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