Idea to Idea where does it stop....

Well although I'm not a very frequently appearing member, i do stop by once and a while to pitch idea's and see if anyone wants to start a mod... i am an Artist, and 3D Renderer so that's why i ask....

Anyways: In the next installment of the Client you should enable a server, download manager, where players can download the new maps, textures, models , ect., but so its not automatic it could prompt them in-game, this would allow for a large expansion of the tribes 2 game, and to not actually modify the game, the mods could be managed by the client, and when a player join say TheConstructBC, it would load one mod, and then when they joined MD2 server it would load that, allowing for new vehicles, armors, weapons, maps, game types, everything really.

Okay, now i was asking for this about two months ago, and it was approved because i was gonna work on a mod with phantom possibly but that never came because of my own life, and work, but now I'm searching for a new modding, team if this becomes reality


  • Sounds alright.
  • wait

    your parents rendered you in 3d?

    thats sooo cool!
  • Kinda like when you join a Call Of Duty server and it downloads the files then throws you into the game? Good idea.
  • I agree here, would allow clientside mods like T2RPG to be played without having to go find a copy of it online.
  • yes, exactly like call of duty, although i don't own it . It sounds perfect.
  • Its the best way to do it.
    Just needs to be done.
    Eany one want to learn ruby?
  • Its the best way to do it.
    Just needs to be done.
    Eany one want to learn ruby?

    Talk to Signal360, he was working with Thyth on getting this working.
  • now we just got to hope someone doesnt send a virus or something as a game file when you download the mods... hopefully they have a extension filter or something for it.
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