You know who I'm talking about...

So, yeah, I think if we just don't reply to him (unless he actually needs something, instead of double posting everywhere) this place will look back to the way it once was.

Oh and just because this is a general discussion, does not necessarily mean that it is game for EVERYTHING. This is a Tribes 2 community, general falls along the lines of the game series (Tribes), gaming in general, and just stuff that relates to this gaming series. Do you really think people here care about, and want to discuss, things other than this game? If they did, they would go to another appropriate forum.

When you realize that your first few posts where flamed at, that should be a warning to tone down your attitude. Obviously, you have not. Realize soon that if you keep this up, you will be a member of this forum, but a well hated member. Choose your path wisely. Even though some of your posts aim to better the community, you are addressing it in the worst possible way.

So this is just a general note to you, and others who happen to read this, that you need to reconsider your actions here. In time, you will eventually leave, but at least enjoy your stay. Help the community, get along, or leave. Trolls have come and gone, but this community won't fall.

P.S. Don't double post (Unless you have a clear reason to). There's a nice button called "EDIT"
P.P.S. Turn off your CAPS LOCK

Heat Killer


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