SCP Daily & Nightly Build Action Report

Action been hot today on SCP, thus far, this Saturday. with 4v4 CTF map just completed with currently

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Snap Crackle Pub (Tribes II): [6/64 players]:


  • Snap Crackle Pub (Tribes II): [11/64 players]
  • I'm not sure this thread is needed and would be borderline spam... please don't.
  • I'm not sure this thread is needed and would be borderline spam... please don't.

    so now you are a moderator here?

    Subscribe to the notifications, if you want instant alerts on the action and this thread...other wise move along and keep reading the forums and do not turn this into an off topic debate about what you think.

    Snap Crackle Pub (Tribes II): [5/64 players]

    Update for last night, was lots of fun, played at least 12 maps back to back, all the way through, without one vote kudos to a pleasing map rotation, that everyone was able to tolerate and play.

    Was lot of chatter between FakeNews and Donald Trump and resulted in a Fakenews team kick started by nealy and gained overwhelming majority of votes to support..

    Was several maps that were total skunks and blowouts, so for sure, and must admit, struggling to recover from a 7 cap lead on ya, is certainly a challenge and noticed the random drops after lead break away..

    Think vote to cycle to next mission map, would be nice, or of course vote for select map...would be in some point spread a way to agree on the forfeit and agree to map change and start new map that is vote picked.
    Think would be better for moral...than agonizing beat down of any there were several runs and the team players dropped one by vote for map change recommended for anyone who has a map preference, as maybe ask everyone on server what they want to change to, as the winning team may be more interested in playing the current map out , and prefer to see loosing team members split and leave..then change names specifically need to be mention, though those who enjoy skunking the other team out, think we all need to be more considerate, as we all been on both sides of the game.
  • too many smurf players
    sera has at least 10 player names
    and says to each he hacks or cheating
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