tournamentNetClient update

This is a reminder to update any of your software to use the new "" API hostname. If you're using the old tournamentNetClient, be sure to replace it with touernamentNetClient2. If you're using pre-RC3 code from GitHub, make sure you've pulled latest from t2-scripts/master as of September 25th. Sites using the API will need to update themselves too.

I will be making the changes to systems on my end soon without further advanced notice. If you neglect to update and your stuff breaks: you have been warned.
I've just made a few changes to the URLs in the first 3 posts. All URLs to "" are now "", and I have also made a new version of the tournamentNetClient available with this change:

All existing API endpoints are now active on this new sub-domain, and behave the exact same way.

In approximately 1 month (probably around 2017/10/21), I will be *deactivating* the API endpoint on the non-sub-domain "" endpoint as part of overhauls to my personal website. For multiple reasons (including site-wide default to HTTPS, and a vastly different underlying system design), it isn't tenable to provide these older services on the top-level domain.

Please update your TribesNext installs with the new tournamentNetClient2, and update any remote websites using the TribesNext Community APIs to the new hostname by this time.
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