For those who might be interested, T2RPG

I'm sure at least a couple of you guys have played TRPG at some point. I still load it up from time to time, and jump into Particle's server.

Well, he's shown a bit of interest in starting up a T2RPG server. Depending on how well that goes, he might start working on a T2PCRPG. Pretty exciting personally.

Just getting the word out there.


  • Also, the current RPG listed is now the new development. T2RPG or Ironsphere (IS) is in a beta state, still.
    Take note that not all monsters have their own skins and pretty much all NPC/player models are a unisex appearance. Goblins and orcs use an improvised coloring on a Bioderm.

    Currently the game preserves the skill system from Tribes one. It's very specific and messy. Hopefully the skills will be narrowed down so you don't spend points on two different skills that you will only need to use for one thing.
    Also note, Speech must be raised to ten (i think) if you want to talk globally. (Hit your all-chat button, type "#g" (no quotes), add a space, then begin typing.)

    You can find more information at
    Downloads, patches, and forum are included.
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    Most interesting, thanks for posting. I've spent hundreds of many hours on TRPG in the past, and if T2RPG is successfully implemented this time, I have high hopes for it. Even though IS was not even near completed, I still found it fairly entertaining while touring it, but I really had a problem with the characters being hermaphrodites...
  • I'm interested in ironsphere.

    The problem is I'm interested, more, in taking the concept of mashing T2 with an RP and going in the direction of 't2 with rpg aspects' more. However i'll give Ironsphere another go, just to see how its matured.
  • I'd like to see GTW turned into a T2 Planetside-like mod.

    GTW was a ton of fun. :)
    So are RPGs :D

    Put them together and you've got funcake.
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    Too true.
    However is there enough interest? I'd post my concepts for a T2/Tribal RPG type deal, but it'd be better if I just make a blogger on it to keep the spam down. Will edit this post with the link.


    I really hope that the skill/voice/speech system for t2rpg ends up getting cleaned up, because I recall that being one of the biggest reasons I never got into it. Sorry but even simple commands like speaking and skill use felt cludged in. Granted tribes wasn't ment for MMO duty, but still...
  • Sounds good.
  • No dramatic changes were made yet. Last I checked is was the old IS as we knew it, just in newer hands.
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    No dramatic changes were made yet. Last I checked is was the old IS as we knew it, just in newer hands.
    Do i get a cookie?
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