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  • I can confirm this, Ubuntu 10.04. About to try again with an older build of wine. --Edit-- Client seems to run fine under Wine 1, as opposed to the newer 1.2. Upon attempting to connect to a server running the experimental patch, this happens: Image And the client whines about either having an invalid account certificate,…
  • Krash and nil both supplied me with a re-writes of this function that can be found at the following URLs. http://pastebin.com/m10275620function removeField(%list,%index) { %count = getFieldCount(%list); if (%index == 0) %result = getFields(%list,1,%count); else if (%index == %count-1) %result = getFields(%list,0,%index-1);…
  • RC1e seems to work perfectly fine with the latest version of wine.... I've been using it as both a server and a client for quite awhile now. RC2 does not, however.