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  • Cameras are a Jammers worst fear. I can walk right through any defence without them.
  • LapLANta Come on guys, I know theres a bunch of guys in Tenn. and Fla. too so... My brother owns a pizza place and theres an empty space next to it that I could get for a weekend for a modest fee or trade it out in construction repairs. I have a projector and we could set up T2TV and run the show next door. Of course we…
  • Welcome back Bass, long time... Hope you get it going, like to see you in the servers again, you'd see names you remember. Renegades would be great . Carp
  • ok, Ima say this, the only reason people are getting so up in arms about V2 v Classic is because they are so much alike! sure they're different in subtle ways, or not so subtle. some players like repairing or getting veh faster, some like massive splash damages from mortars. however, lets imagine Tribes2 with only one…
  • and other clans that I cant even remember but I miss the renegade days! [/quote] LAPD baby! Ren was fun as hell I was also in EpK and _DCR_ ( Death Comes Ripping ) we had cool T2 flash vid done to the song. Carp
  • In the ever dwindling community that is tribes 2, there are those who cough up the money and provide a server for everyone to play on. This is one of those servers. RB10 has paid for this server and wont accept any money from players who just want to help him. He just wants to get his moneys worth and have fun. If the man…
  • Renegades! btw, there is a REAL Renegades server up and running right now and most of the time lately, some players are around in evening. 3G House of Pain. IP# :2800 Renegades Carp
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