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  • Have you tried seeing if it is a compatibility error with some of the vl2's you might have in base? (It would be nice if you gave a list, something may not be working properly like the DSO removed script) Is Vertex lighting on? What was happening at the time of the crash? (Explosions, flying, skiing, in a building, etc.)…
  • Thx Krash i can always count on you! :) edit: Omg i still can't get the .dso file to work like the .cs file it won't exec and when it does it gets an error another edit: nvm i got it lol i just need to exec it as a .cs file not a .dso file
  • My Old school player name was Radeon1 with a tag of {SoH} (Sentials of Hovck) yes i can't spell but i miss my old player name and i can't wait to get it back so then i can start the new tag [FD] also known as FeatherDev.