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  • tell that to the nOObs in GOON. I suppose every game has a server or 2 like that. IMO 64 peeps is WAY to many for a game like this.
  • and how about turrtes, can they be contoled by a command center like T1? if so how? Ive looked repeatedly through bases and invos for a portie command center, but I never see one. Is it just the "c" button now, with no need to be at a command center?
  • cool...thanx my brethren in obsession. ;)
  • lets see as a nOOb to T2, Ive had a hell of a time finding the spawn options, and how to start a change mission vote. Along with the option to vote a player out. are all of these available, I see peeps starting map votes, but am yet to find it myself. Oh yeah and as a bombadier I can shoot the turret fine, but how the hell…
  • Thanx ,I extracted it to Game data and all the sub files went to the proper places I guess, as the file you said is in the right spot.
  • where do I unzip the files 2? Game data?
  • so how many hax are on this version like Happy Mod, and what not. Not that Im really that concerned it. I just wanna know for the sake of knowing.
  • ok thanx man, I was playing yesterday and didny see ant Ren servers, only Ultra Ren. But I did get to play some base and shifter. The graphics and gameplay are way sweet. Its nice to play without the hackers. trally thats whats getting me out of T1, I LOVE that game ,but its getting to be to much. a;so I found this place…