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  • lol! Smells definitely like Katy Perry. ;D
  • I'll give it a try though I don't know how to script yet. I wonder if all servers that use this mininum-player-count-for-rape are admined via TriCon?
  • Hi. Sierra master server is down since November 2009 (believe me, it is) you need an alternative to play it online. The easiest way is the tribesnext-patch which brings an alternative master server with its own authorization system. I don't know if it works with the original game files from the CD, just use the installer…
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  • That's 1 am here in Germany if I calculate correctly... :-\
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  • Hey, Thyth, thanks for your reply, that did it! :) I'm still not sure, why it didn't work out from the start. Both machines are behind a router and they are within the same subnet ( and I use the standard port. The router uses source NAT and is connected with VDSL 25-line, that gives decent bandwith for up-…
  • I think I'm trying to connect to the WAN IP - which IMO should be no problem. A friend of mine could connect at the same time from the internet without problems. The server just doesn't seem to answer me within the LAN. What I did not try yet is to connect locally - but I think I have to be logged in with the Tribesnext…
  • If you are behind a router you have to forward the correct port to your machine. The standard port is 28000, check for more info. fab
  • I think I've got about 8 players to get started with. I would prefer Sunday, most people (including me) will probably have a bit of spare time at the end of the weekend. No one of us is really experienced - I'm more enthusiast than pro. ;-) But it'll be fun! Maybe some other EU players want to join? 18:00 UTC must be 20:00…
  • Maybe I am - with my more-than-30-years - some kind of last man standing but whatever. Just wanted to try because I loved this game in the past. I remember full servers and a vital community like it was yesterday. Probably most of these guys are now full-time workers and have a family to feed. But hey - I also work full…
  • Yay! The server's up and running. You can find it on the list as "*EU* Corecentral". While it's just a plain katabatic only server at the moment I'm going to improve my admin skills and change it to classic or base with map rotation. I'm not sure yet if I should use tricon or not. What do you think, which mod to prefer?…
  • Well, I don't know how to solve your problem - but I noticed your server in the server list...
  • Ye, actually I *am* still around, though I guess we never played together. I've been on and off this game since the very beginning. At least one thing being old is good for - at lot of things to remember... ;-) Welcome again! fab
  • Just wanted to give a status update on my hobby project: A EU Tribes Server. I'm currently experimenting with the linux server version. There's already an ubunte VM running, now I'll see to get the server running. Future status updates coming... ;-)
  • I'd like to see a Shifter server, too. The extra vehicles are really nice. I wonder if there are enough players to get it real funny. Fab
  • Hey - didn't I meet, ah, hit you on Katabatic an hour ago? :D
  • Ah, sorry, if I didn't express myself clearly - I'm asking for T2 development. ;-)
  • I could try and setup a server in Germany, I've got a spare machine and a VDSL 25 connection with a decent ping. I wonder if this is enough and I also wonder if there ar some EU players still out there. ...who are NOT wasting their time with WoW...^^ I would give it a try. What do you think? fab ::)