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  • TAC2's MPBs are obscenely lackluster. The only reason you can go at any reasonable speed is gravity. The MPB itself has so little oomph that it slows to 14kph on a VERY minor incline. And if you happen to hit a terrain stitch you can kiss your momentum goodbye. A couple of us have been trying for a while to get the MPB…
  • Because you are renowned as a master of producing clear, easy-to-read text and graphics.
  • I couldn't help but note that none of the replies prior to the quoted post were in any way insulting. I would suggest that you go to T2Forums and air your complaints there, however I know already that you were banned some time ago. Perhaps keeping a low profile and focusing on dealing with the issue at hand would get you…
  • Just heard this today as well - sad news. Great comedian, very funny man. The Shazbot is a forgotten art.
  • I'm not even involved in this, and I am frankly staggered by the inability of a particular individual to realise precisely why he is failing to make any headway. Insulting someone in every second post is not a valid method of garnering support, or convincing the targets of the posts that they are in the wrong. It simply…
  • Some footage from the latest Fight Night! I echo what Farfle says. It'd be great to see more ships in the field, especially in TDM! As a note, Mumble server information can be found on the mod's forums.