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  • Not sure if this will fix the issue, but try running tribes on a single processor core:taskset 0x00000001 wine Tribes2.exe -online Also, is there any more log output before the output you pasted?
  • I have been having success running TribesNext RC2a on Arch Linux x86_64 with wine 1.5.22. This is all I did to get the patch to work: 1. Replace the GameData/msvcrt-ruby190.dll with the 190-2 version found at…
  • Recently, I successfully set up a TribesNext server on Arch Linux (x86_64) with wine 1.5.21. I followed Thyth's procedure to install and replace msvcrt-ruby190.dll with the 191 version. At this point, clients were unable to connect. I figured out there was some issue with msvcrt and then decided to try creating an override…
  • I am running RC1e, what is the latest version of wine known to work?
  • Seems the problem is that ruby isn't working... rubyEval doesn't do anything in the scripts. I tested it on Wine 1.1.27 and 1.1.29 with the same results.
  • I am also having the same error right now. Anyone figure it out?
  • I am also very interested in running this in Linux. I am running Debian sid as well as Ubuntu 8.10. Please make it work, please please please.... it always freezes for me when it reaches the login screen. I even tried compiling the latest SVN of wine... same problem.