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  • Sup guys! Just wanted to pop in and throw in another nugget. I really don't know what to do with previous posts. I'm only semi-good at throwin' out some ideas and shooting out a few funny potshots here and there. If my math were better (which now is less than stellar) I prolly could've been some help. But here it goes...…
  • Thanks man, you rock! You're exactly right - almost like we're on the same wavelength... and.. just thought I'd pop back in and post yet another one of my ponderings on how to get T2 the recognition it rightfully deserves. Submitted for you'ze approvals as they come, fresh outta my noggin' - Pew Pew!. Restrict the comms…
  • Sweeeet! Tribes 2 as it is... Awesome! Tribes 2 + 3D... OMG! Even without 3D Tribes 2 managed to have you immersed as if you were in a 3D environment. Seriouslyl... can't wait & thanks for the quick heads up!
  • From what I've seen lately and pretty sure it's been like it for some time... It varies from "Damn this guy is good! I hate this #@!*r! I'll get him!" to "Whoah! Lotsa people on tonight. Right on! Here I come to save the Day!" ;-)
  • ... Sweet! You guys rock! My Tourettes has been acting up lately and can't tell the difference anymore (even in text form). Thanks for the quick reply! Just wanted to pop my head in and drop a "sup" fellas! It''s gettin' to that time of year again.