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  • t1? If you're running Win7, it won't run (from my experience) and it's really disappointing. And the last time I checked, t1 seemed really dead.
  • I believe that under ServerPrefs.cs, you add $Host::AdminPassword = "superadminme"; then, type in sad("superadminme"); in game, then hit escape, right click your name and add to server admin list. I haven't had to do that in a while, I just typically ad my GUID to it manually by $Host::SuperAdminList = "#######"; Please…
  • Thanks heat! I hope T3D is better. Seeing as it is updated. Yeah, I finally got the spawngraph done and it still spawned back at the center... so I am gonna get the AI done and then redo the spawngraph. I have been working on my C# apps for now, the switch to WPF is horrible. My opinion, Windows Applications were a lot…
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  • Definitely a Thyth thing, the only thing I can think of (because this is happening to me) is that your router has it port forwarding messed up, do you have a router connected to a modem or is it a router-modem combo like Verizon does? Comcast has a poor router-modem combo, so a lot of people plug a wireless router in and…
    in No heartbeat Comment by Sythe July 2011
  • Quite good with NSIS, I might find something that I can do. I'm not sure if NSISdl plugin would work though, but I'll search. EDIT: I can do it in NSIS, my one problem is I don't know where to download skins. Yes, I don't even bother with skins.
  • Okay, I did that, but now spawnbuild sits on two lines forever: See Attached below
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  • Another issue has appeared I finally was ready for the spawn build, and the dedicated window shows up, it starts the spawn build, and then it UEs and says: no nav graph - in the dedicated window, Any solutions? EDIT: Looks like I forgot the AI, I'm going to lookup LAGG.
    in Mapping Issue Comment by Sythe July 2011
  • Thanks Heat Killer, I'll give it a try, can always count on you, Krash, and Phantom. EDIT: I tried it, and it looks like it works, so when I need it, I'll use it
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  • Database to Script tuts: I didn't find a weapon tut, but I am pretty sure this may be useful, or helpful:
  • lmgtfy: Click me, click the chaingunned link
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  • Hello, will anyone respond BUMP!
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  • Bump, important question, who hosts your server? 2: YES!
  • True. Man I forget stuff.
  • First off, I'd never play you or the other PGD devs for fools. I know your not an idiot. Why would I say something to get me banned from my favorite mod? Second, I know that even if I gave you more proof, I'd stay banned. You won't care about it and keep my ban. Edit: My IP probably changed after you banned me. Those ARE…
  • Alviss, I trust it wasn't you. Niether Krash, we have our own crime seen. O_o
  • I even have their IP: Mine is: Edit: Found, person lives in CANADA?
  • Problem being solved in process. I would never say that. If anything, it would be me getting help. Not offending.
  • Wtf??? I didn't say that? I wasn't even on yesterday. who got my account? I've gotta report that to Eolk or Krash. Sorry Phantom, I'll get this fixed. Edit: My signature already says that.
  • DELETED. Reason: Something is wrong with my account. Account deletion requested from Sythe
  • AMC1 was basically a prototype. I redid the entire thing. Which will not be finished any time soon, I am just learning TGE
  • Adapt Mod Construct: Click here My main site: Click here You come to my main site, I have 0.70a in a zippie. With some construction installation tuts.
  • Please close this topic, I'm going to quote Turkeh. I've already answered this. So at this time, I'm PMing Krash.
  • A seperate page for all Genesis said in post 14 Thanks ~Sythe
  • Use This installer is the only installer that is not "corrupt".
  • When teamdamage is off, I use it to give me a boost from the flag. That way I get more caps. :{}
  • Exact same location
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  • If you own it then you can change it. Otherwise, contact the site host.
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  • In GAME: Hit escape, settings, game, or at least I think. Hold on, I'll make you a crosshair pack to remove crosshairs. Since I really don't care for crosshairs.
  • This is due to an error with the scout armor validation. Follow here: Click me! Edit: You should SAVE it and back up the save, like I did. Windows 7 is popular to do this. I have done it what, seven times already?
  • is an excellent tool too. It is basically Photoshop, but a free product. website: The name says it all~!