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  • Hmm lets see. I've been playing since Starseige and quit when T:V was puked out for sale. I have always been AngryBeaver. 1) {SaH}AngryBeaverwas the first clan I was in 2) ~SkZ~AngryBeaverthewickedskillz. TWL competetion clan. Greatest fun I ever had was with these guys. Big A, mailer?, Contra, Mr Chong, Collosus X,…
  • Hi. I have a few UltraSaH server files. One of my clanmates made this mod when T2 first came out. I am not sure what version of T2 this mod worked with, its been so many years ago.... Maybe you can find someone that knows how to code it to work with TribesNext. This was my favorite mod and I spent hours and hours with…