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  • I wasn't trying to imply that the bug was in TorqueScript, I was just saying... nevermind. The two bulleted lines that I provided below the quote are working examples that perform without any error that I've noticed. I chose to show the original in the quote rather than attempt to describe it in writing to avoid…
  • Got in to T2 the day it released. Dewy (my brother) and I was on T1 way back in '98-99. Dewy was the guy behind the now heavily inactive MiniMod.
  • This game engine is weird. I give up trying to understand it. If you call TNbite::get(); on the console after t2csri_list.cs has executed.. just as that and without any arguments before you use the LAN browser, then the game won't crash. Go figure. I think that was why I had the impression that my original suggestion had…
  • Forgive me if I overstep myself. I'm inclined to go along with you on this. I don't really understand the significance of it but I felt it was important enough to note that the above suggestion does seem to help on my end here. However it works out in the end, perhaps the script can be safely avoided all together if the…
  • There's a bug with the Sound Blaster Live series cards that affects a lot of software. Even causing UE's for Tribes 2. Try setting your sound acceleration to "Standard" with dxdiag. That seemed to have solved a world of bugs and random crashes for me.
  • Sorry for the necro-post. I thought back to this topic and remembered that I had work around for it. Then thought it might be useful for others if for nothing else than example script. So I decided to clean it up and attach it here. Enjoy. Drop training_audio_fix.cs in to your base\scripts\autoexec directory before…
  • If they screw up skiing like they did in Tribes: Vengeance then it'll bomb with the old-school players like T:V did. Skiing wasn't a "feature" for T1. Players just worked out their own skill for reducing their friction while sliding across terrain. T2 kept that aspect even though the devs were aware of how skiing was being…
  • Select your loadout on the server after you join. The Warrior Setup panel is just for previewing skins and setting up alias names. I'll elaborate. If you have a PC 101-key desktop style keyboard. Then you would press the keypad Enter/Return key on the right side of the keyboard while connected to or hosting a game. If you…
  • The server named DESTRUCTION ZONE is run by Lagg-Alot. Who also made several bot-enhanced maps that you can find on
  • You can still find the 3w.Goofy movies through google. Those made a big splash in the old community years ago and I think they're still fun to watch.
  • Your maps will not show up in your mission list if your -mod argument isn't set correctly. Use the -mod flag once and then list all of your mods seperated by a semicolons. Like this "Tribes2.exe -mod LakRabbit;Arena;DuelMod;TeamGauntlet;Classic" You can list as many mods as you like but they all have to be listed in that…
  • Do you run all of those mods at the same time on the same server? What is your launch command? (ie: Tribes.exe -mod Classic)
  • Yes, the red line under your Energy Bar is for temperature or another way to see it is JetPack heat. Used for seeing when a missile is able to get a target lock on you.
  • You have more than 1 program trying to use the same port on the same computer. It doesn't have anything to do with your Netgear router. Shut off all but one of the TribesNext servers that you are attempting to run on that machine. Only run one then test again.
  • Your laptop keyboard should have an "Fn" button or something similar that, when held down, allows some of the regular keys on your keyboard to act like a keypad. Either that or you'll need to spend some time in the Options dialog resetting all of your Favorites to new keys that you can use.
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  • Here's an idea. Read the entire thread here. There's a post that talks about file versions, which ones you should have, and what to do to get the correct one.
  • The Turion 2x is a dual core processor, make sure to set Tribes 2 to only use one core. Tribes 2 doesn't like multi-core CPUs.
  • Are you running Tribes 2 on a multi-core CPU?
  • Is anyone able to download anything from All I get are blank pages when i click the Download links.
  • In response to the OP. Have you visited this link before? They have a link to a Hi-Res Skin pack there. I've never seen it, so I can't comment on its quality.
  • Open the console and type listpackages(); and look for UEfix If you're having trouble with the mission briefings playing out too fast, check if you have UEfix.cs and if you do disable it. The Training briefings and Training missions make use of alxGetWaveLen() and UEfix overrides it in a way that it no longer returns the…