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  • Er, I knew about them, I meant where are they called, not defined. Like, function whatEver(%args) { %data.zapTarget(%projectile, %target, %targeter); } It probably is called in the EXE, but the list of functions I have inside weren't very explicit about it so I was wondering if anyone knew.
  • I looked, but I couldn't find anything about it in there, you probably remember one of the many %*.setTarget or setTarget* lines included in there :7 Thanks either way though!
  • Yeah, I figured. Well, it was worth a shot anyway :P
  • Er, that's not the problem. I can do that easily, but when you hit the commander map bind, instant UE.
  • Well, I was going to make a space kinda mission :P. I know I could make really high up or really low down, but why if i can disable the commander map (get rid of the UE possibility).
  • While that is annoying, it's benefits outweigh that annoyance, seeing as how something might be corrupted on accident because you've changed them. Not even when you work with Tribes, but what if you rename something important and forget the extension?
    in Wep Skins Comment by mHyth May 2010
  • Why would he squirm? He's just saying that an Admin should lock this because it's about three or four months old and someone felt the need to bump it because they can't think of anything worthy to say except poorly done sarcasm on a post that most people have probably forgotten about.
    in Defcon Mod Comment by mHyth March 2010
  • Like I said, just curiosity. Plus it would be likeecho("This");return; And I like the one line better than that two line crap :-) Again, doesn't really matter.
  • That's the clientSide script to it...not the actual mod.
  • I guess that does make more sense to do...and is probably easier..... Thanks :D
    in Binds Comment by mHyth December 2009
  • Okay, say I have this new inventory screen and it works fine and everything, how can I detect which bind the client(this is a client-side detection of course) is using for toggleInventoryHud (default numpadenter). This way I can change it when a specific event has occurred and when they hit the inventory hud bind they get…
    in Binds Comment by mHyth December 2009
  • A switch will automatically associate with all other objects in the simgroup it is placed in. Example: Simgroup Objects >Generator >ForceField Simgoup Sub-Objects switch inventory
  • Ah, duh :P. 0 damage will make the kickBackStrength null, lol. Forgot about that...
  • Then I'm not sure as to why increasing kickBackStrength won't work, I've just done it, and it works fine for me.
  • Are you doing this in-game then executing? Or outside of the game?
  • Did you fire it at another player or at yourself? Because if you fired it at yourself, in Classic, any kickBackStrength set in the disc projectile is overridden in projectiles.cs (4475 strength). It should work for any other player though.
  • Um, there will be no amount of mods, or for that matter so little people, where only one person will be playing a mod at any one time. A mod is not made to be used only by its creator, the success for a mod is dependent on the community that plays on it, so naturally a mod would be made to please the community, only that…
  • Isn't something you can just add, just remove it and raise the kickbackstrength. kickBackStrenth = ####; That determines the impulse applied to the player that the disc collides with.
  • Just make the direct/indirect damage to zero, you can still apply a radius to make the impulse bigger, then just add a kickback = ####; var tot he datablock
  • You could just create a new emitter and when the player spawns have it play at its location, and then you could shrink the spawnsphere. Or you could make a spawnpoint that has the same attributes as a sphere and play an emitter when the player spawns. I would suggest the former, as it would only require you to place a…
    in Spawning Comment by mHyth November 2009
  • Er, do you mean that I need a package to call parent at all? If so, I know that, I was just wondering if you could call parent on a script in a package. Like,package Blah{Parent::ScriptOrSomething;Code Stuff};activatepackage(Blah); If you do mean that I can't call parent on a script at all, dangit......
  • If you mean,function DefaultGame::activatePackages(%game){ // activate the default package for the game type activatePackage(DefaultGame); if(isPackage(%game.class) && %game.class !$= DefaultGame) activatePackage(%game.class);}function DefaultGame::deactivatePackages(%game){ deactivatePackage(DefaultGame);…
  • So, correct me if I'm wrong. State 1 will produce an output with its function, depending on that it will either recycle through state 1, or go to state 2? That does make sense, although, while that is helpful, I wanted to know whether or not my previous descriptions for the functions were correct. That Assume engages the…
  • When that happens to me I had just opened Base.vl2 as a zip file and started the game, forgetting to change it back. When I do change it back, it will still pop up until you delete the fonts folder in the mod folder that you started tribes with. But that's just me, it may be different for you. That has also happened to me…
  • Sorry, I got a screen shot of my desktop and edited it with paint, I saved it as BMP without noticing I guess, I'll try to look out for that next time.
  • Thanks! That worked perfectly.
  • @ Freejack: Have you trying port forwarding? That's usually what an ip/port configuration error is about.
  • Revision To Previous Comments:* While it is true that the Mission Area Editor shows the missions area upside down, it does not actually contribute to the North and South positions being screwed up in a way to need H subtracted from Y. My previous results from testing were, so to say, false positives. My test mission area…
  • You're first point: Yes, actually, when you look in mission editor/mission area editor the game actually flips the north south directions on the pop-up hud (or whatever you want to call that). So, instead of the normal grid pattern ( - + ) ( + + ) ( - - ) ( + - ) it's ( - - ) ( + - ) ( - + ) ( + + ) ########### Therefore…
  • Well dang, thanks though.