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  • Thanks to both of you it looks like will work. Oops only worked a couple times then lost pw again oh well windows 7 problems?
  • I'm having the same problem on my new machine running win7, my other pc running Vista is working fine. Can you help me it's just a nag pain in the b_ _ _ _ Thanks
  • FYI, Branzone Owns the Server I rent it from them.
  • Wow over 300 lookers and only 13 replied? Can we do better?
  • There they go again picking on somebodys server cause they think they know it all whewwwwwwww. Have a little respect, Juicypen choose what ever you like and remember Tribes gives you plenty of options for change and GOOD LUCK.
  • What is your game name KRY ? Cause in all the years playing we have never seen you on any server. ::) We think all you can do is wait for a post so you'll have something you can do COMPLAIN, BITCH AND DISAGREE. ::)
  • :o WOW what responses, when all I was trying to do is TELL everyone that we have a GREAT SERVER with SUPER ADMINS that are the coolest and we like to help newer players get it going. I wonder what would have been said if I had stated that Classic can't and never could be as good as Version 2 unless somebody rescripted the…
  • Well Crackerjack our server has been around for a year now and still going strong. I doubt you even know him. Good luck on whatever server will accept you. We sure don't miss you but you're welcome to join us anyway if you want a good game. 8)
  • Well Purest those heavy transports are still the same dread but they do get those heavy Peeps to the attack point most of the time. ;)
  • I hope you all have a good week. ;D FYI we had some really good games with peeps mostly interested in winning and really didn't care what version it was. Wahooo to all the real sportsman for that. Mruballos you don't have to like my server but please be a gentleman if you know what that means and don't call it crappy and…
  • I was assisting warlovr of Rebels during the change over to TribesNext and suddenly he stopped responding back via email. I'm guessing he just gave it up, :( anyhow I let him know a couple weeks in advance we're gonna use the Rebels 2 server name with no reply from him. If anyone has contact with him tell him we all said…
  • I'm gonna see If they can be found and used, We love speed!
  • Great point Kryand, I see you do understand the advantages of Version2 ;D SPEED-MORE SPEED-MOST SPEEDY 8) MOD of any Tribes2 Game. That's the point I've been trying to make and you see when a player from Classic comes to a V2 server he has to adjust to the increased game speed and viseversa thats the only difference. OK…
  • We still extend an INVITE to any player who wants to have a good time playing the game. Those who don't like us or the Version 2 please JUST PLAY SOMEPLACE ELSE. THANKS IN ADVANCE RB10
  • Wow Kryland you have things all backwards.
  • It's obvious that the critics have minimal game playing experience and understanding. This post was not intended to open + or - feelings about any game mods so please keep your Os to youself and go back to sleep. We extend a welcome to you to join our server and play some games (if you know how) and have a good time like…
  • Kryland sorry you feel that way but I've never seen you on any server whatever the version and it proves to me you're talking through your hat when you make a statement like that. We feel all tribes versions are ok and you never see us knocking down other peoples prefs. So please stop the negative comments. To everyone…
  • Crackerjacker sorry you took it that way you will do better not playing on our server if that's how you feel, Goons may be the place for you.
  • Hi, I had a problem getting UEs and did a google for that specific one that I was getting and found out it was the driver for Adobe at that time was out of date, updated all Adobe stuff and poof no more UEs. ;D Goes to show you that u just don't always know?? ::)
  • Sorry but the name on the list here is still ## Fast Action not # Rebels 2 # . The name in the Game Log in page has been changed. Thanks
  • GREAT ;D and if you did it ::) will work fine. I know these things take a lot of time and I thank you much. :) If I may ask you a question, are you working on the Browser functions, mainly the ability to create Tribes? ::) Thanks
  • Hi, and can anyone tell me where these awholes ;D come from? Mock a good thing for some stupid idea of maybe better, yuk ::)
  • I opened up the DMZ for the Server PC but still can't see the server. I get "Server added to list" now. Could the reason be that both the Server PC and the game PC are using the same Router/modem? OOPS just checked on the TribesNext list and the server is there? go figure so the problem is my Game Play PC doesn't see it…
  • ;D Hey Dunna you and Demon are right on target. Tribes Classic, Base are just older versions of the best game ever and worked well. ;) Version 2 is so far advanced some just can't see it. Any how visit our Version2 server ## {dggs} Fast Action and enjoy a game or two, we welcome all fair/opened minded players. I'm really…
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  • You didn't say if you had all the TN updates? if no try it
  • :'( OOPS Sorry Blakhart I was adjusting some settings and didn't see you had joined right at the time I started the reboot. :)
  • Not sure but I'm using XP and all seems compatable, when uploading files it works OK. I use Branzone Server Company. I'll check further and come back to ya. Also after a complete reinstall this morning alls well so far till now 11:PM.
  • ;D Wimp stuff, I only do it to get back to base but never in a battle cause you may take the other guy with you which does happen many times ::)
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  • ;D Hi, when the Browser functions get fixed and running we should be able to join more than one tribe I think? ::)