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  • i can't wait for the next patch 8)
  • judgehershey- tking your team doesnt thin their numbers, they just respawn. blaster is actually good vs sheild heavies, which they spawn with. normally if i tk someone it was because we tried to kill a threat quickly instead of letting the closest team member only deal with the threat under fear of being tked. shooting…
  • just highlighted a few lines that didn't make sense. you could probably work on your grammar or at least proofread your longer posts; it might help get your points across better. that said, it sounds like you dislike taunts and rude players saying things in game. i have 2 solutions that may work for you. press escape in…
  • some rets don't work when using extreme resolutions, i had to take my ret and expand it from about 1280x800 to 1440x900 using a paint prog
  • under my newb helper handbook chapter 7, it says to ask you some questions. 1. Is it possible more than one player was shooting at you? 2. Is the person less than a mile away? 3. Were you going in a straight path through the air or hovering? 4. Do you understand how interpolate works in Tribes 2? Please answer so we can…
  • less voice pack spam = more noob friendly, and i believe the training missions are bugged.
  • change it to .zip, unzip it, r-click, add to archive (zip it up again), in the file names options change it to a .vl2 file. if this doesn't work make sure in properties somewhere that your system is able to make vl2 files.
  • hof: use mine+disc to stop cappers. usually i back away from the flag about a foot and then mine disc the flag when they get there. this bounces you backwards but its a clean kill.
  • 1) turn your mouse sensitivity down very low 2) if you are pinging 60 or more in game, you have to lead shots. chaingunning should involve aiming in front of the target at the far edge and then some till you get the ping hit sound (classic mod). 3) disc shots involve calculating in your mind where the player will be while…
  • "p"
  • tanks can be effective in classic, as an accessory to base rape and base defense, as well as the turtle tactic in either the tank or shrike or havoc. certainly by themselves and not supported by armors they are largely fail but are effective in augmenting multiple tasks. bombers can be effective with a 2-man crew in…
  • the secret to blastering without your aim going all over the place is zooming in while shooting, or pilotmode 3 with its settings
  • hi, if you want to learn first hand, get ahold of a shriking demo. zprotoss, woo?, snipah are examples of very good shrikers. maybe ask in-game for a demo from a shriker in goonhaven. when you get a demo pay attention to the particulars, aka. speed and maneuvers as well as mannerisms. use the script pilotmode to adjust…
  • listen to music
  • that's funny, i could swear sampson was on the team which was beaten 29-3 on small crossing
  • WHERE is the RUSTY OF GOONHAVEN option???
  • zOMG it's DeathsArt
  • beer raptor jeezus or flying spaghetti monster
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  • now its the equipment differences that's the problem. haha
  • "goony boy"... this scrub is just angry about the ass pounding he received in goons; as choad[Kin] would say... come back when your pussy ain't full of piss. or don't, and have fun sucking off your faggit-ass boyfriends in rebels or ewo.
  • such a whiny little cunt and if i was a goon mod, you'd still be my bitch.
  • not sad to see a whiner who takes things for granted quit the admins are fine, you might prefer nazi homo admins like rebels server i bet
  • umm ok, i don't really care who you are but i could care less if rebels server slides into the ass crack of hell and oblivion
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  • i think tarzul is saying he smells a llama. (napolean dynamite?) of course demoncard's roots are in rebels, so he could be upset by kryand's slight; my own opinion is that i welcome goonhaven over rebels any day. much better admins, good choice of mod. luckily they continually update the map rotation too.
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  • kryand is correct, also if you absolutely have to hit a flat spot make sure you do not press the forward key or maybe any directional key while contacting the flat surface, i've found this to be helpful in not deadstopping. you can use spacebar and jets also i tend to bounce off certain flagstands by coasting in and not…
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  • i'd like to share mine which i've used for several years. the point of this set of loadouts is to be able to fill any position at the push of a button (and then getting beamed up/suited up). 7= medium spiderclamp 8= ho epack 9= medium landspike sh7=medium pulse sh8=Lt. cg/sl sh9=hvy ammo 4= med epack 5= med invo 6= med…
  • you can avoid the ski bug if you know how
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  • mechwarrior 2 was a fine game
  • indeed
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  • anybody who whines about ctrl-k is a newb. number 1 they should have killed you faster if they wanted 10 points. number 2 they are complaining about losing 10 points instead of laughing at the ctrl-k player especially if it was premature.
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