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  • That's what pushed me to cable (now DSL) back when I was playing T1. I got all excited when I picked up a Voodoo2 card to go with my Matrox G400 - but teh lag was still there. I got cable and found out that the sniper rifle actually *did* serve a purpose other than creating appointment and frustration.
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  • Only tried it with affinity set to cpu1 and affinity set to cpu1&cpu2. I may just try setting up an older system that I have that I used to play T2 on (w/XP) and see where that gets me.
  • I get the same jitter problems on my wife's system (XP SP3, 2.4GHz Core2Duo, 7600GT, 2GB RAM). So - I dunno what's going on :'(
  • That name rings a bell! Same here, I played Havoc allot - my brother(MrBook) and I were pretty big bug finders (we were always messing around). I really liked Havoc 1.13 for Tribes 2 -> Dev was a damn good scripter! If I can get this game playable for myself, I may run a Havoc server under wine on a Linux box.
  • How about a 'new posts' feature or 'posts last 24 hours'. Always nice to see where other folks are focusing there attention.
  • Bummer, and I recently PM'ed him think he was Lagg-Allot :(
  • With Vista 64b, Q6600 @ 3GHz, 8GB RAM, 9600GT Online and Solo games are the same. Set the affinity to cpu core 1 - not much improvement added the auto exec script - same. With out the Tribes Next patch I was getting typically 200-300 fps. With the patch I'm very jittery, my frame rate has dropped to 50-65 fps and I'm…
  • Wasn't there a distribution of Tribes 2 server just for Linux - (i.e., without needing Wine to run)?