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  • So just add that to the end? Edit: Nevermind, found where you were talking about and added it in. Will playtest in just a bit to see how it handles. Edit (again): Works in both move and observer modes. Vehicle select and keybind menus still pop up, but frankly, I'm impressed and grateful since this adds something I had…
  • The truly fraked thing there is he got shot in nashville in broad daylight. I mean seriously... wat?
  • How'd you get that pose? Suicide and screenshotted before you fell over?
  • Anyone able to look at the script I posted and see if they can make it also work on waypoints/flag markers.... and keep working even when the HUD is supposed to be redrawn (like when you buy vehicles, or after buying from the inven stations)?
  • LWT While i never really was part of the gaming side of their doings, Id hung around their forums a fair bit, and when I did join in the fun they seemed fairly competent, so I had traded a bit of writing for that sketch, which (inverted) served as my desktop for awhile.
  • Dofmies Best t2 movie out there, due largely to the fact it's not just random impossible shots. Also hilarious.
  • Tried GlobalActionMap.bind(keyboard, "1", HideHudHack(1)) GlobalActionMap.bind(keyboard, "2", HideHudHack(0)) Still didn't work. Edit: found a script in tribaloutpoast that toggles the hud elements on and off. Trouble is it doens't disable waypoints or flag markers and if you buy a vehicle, use an inventory station, or…
  • Tinkering with different config files to try adding them in. So far no luck unfortunately. Maybe trying to manually add them in as button's 1 and 2 is the wrong way to go. Tried adding them as GlobalActionMap.bind(keyboard, "grave", HideHudHack(0); and GlobalActionMap.bind(keyboard, "grave", HideHudHack(1); to myconfig.cs
  • Vince? Nah. Other than Billy going gonzo whenever shamwow is mentioned it seems to be a largely professional rivalry rather than a personal one.
  • True, but your head always is turned to one side when you do this, and i need to be able to have both freedom to look around, and preferably to mirror the controls whenever this script is activated so that I can run around without having to worry about which key moves where.
  • Nah. Drug overdoce. Seems a common thread for famous people to turn to narcotics to try taking the edge off the stress they go through in living in a fish bowle wit hthe world's expectations on their shoulders, plus the usual stresses people go through. Micheal might have been a crazy turnip, but he gave his heart to the…
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  • Seems what I did was merely edit an existing keybind save file that could then be selected. Havne't tested it yet since I had to fill in the blanks on alot of stuff, but it seems like it would work. I'll let everyone know later this afternoon if the end results are satasfactory.
  • I went with the 512x512 skin size for reasons of clarity. Debating on a look for the light and heavy armors, and falling somewhat short because I'm unsure how to approach the situation. I realize it is far from the most effeciant way, but I generally skin by getting the gross elements in place via chopping things apart in…
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  • Taking control of turrets allows for other angles, but controlling anything means you can't move. Additionally you can use the editor to move the camera, but if the camera is not bound to the player you, again, cannot move. However in that instance you CAN use voice binds and animations.
  • Manually edited my wasdconfig.cs file (found in base/preffs) so 1 hides the hud and 2 shows it again. Edit: so far this has proven ineffective as a way of binding either key to do anything. At first i thought this was due to the farmer's hud, but after removing it (and making sure i didn't have any lingering dso files I…
  • Only thing I can suggest doing is looking through the halshot script to see how it does this, I'm actually looking myself for a longstanding machinima idea I've been batting about since 04, so if I find anything I'll let you know. However I'm hoping someone who actually knows what they're looking at and or doing can answer.
  • Ahh thank you Internet, Wayback machine, and obscure fans for not dissapointing me. Prophecy of Tears This story is noteworthy, not only for being detailed concerning tribal Lore and to better round out the Bioderms as a viable threat rather than bull headed space orcs, but it follows something of a nonlinear path. At…
  • Wouldn't precisely call me a Vet. After all I'm usually the guy in kata that kept getting chunk'd by mortar spam while trying to keep the turrets up and running. Used the same name in tribes as I do here, TribalOutpost, Tribes2 Maps, and advanced mod forums. If anyone's seen Doctor Pimento or Starstriker around I used to…
  • Several then prominent people in the tribal community attempted to do this with Legends, but there proved too few people doing programming and personally I think the player models are rather ugly compared to bases and scenery. In fact Legends is still around but it's more or less dead. Might want to see if they need any…
  • Well after finally giving Aeon a spin I have to say aside from the fact I oddly get sowdowns in T1 despite using the last hope patch its more or less what I expected out of a 'tribes rpg'. So what there are ya working on?
  • So to get the whole Aeon thing I'd have to go back to T1?
  • Yes.. .I've heard of this 'life'. Uncompromisable in-game hierarchy, constant currency issues, dicey methods of getting in touch with staff (so bad in fact it's often said that staff don't exist), and if you die in-game there is no respawn option (some debate over this, but instances of respawning are at best debatable and…
  • Understandable given the complexity. Given the game's age and your average machine's specs nowadays what kind of performance hit should I expect, if any going through wine?
  • I play via windows. However I'm asking simply for comparison's sake since I would rather have a choice in what I play with, and know where which option is deficient in.
  • Actually Keen, I'm not sure on poly count. I just want somebody to actually look at the game's assets to see how they stack up.
  • Its been months, so I'm fairly sure what interest was there is gone now, but has anything else been done?
  • Works for me from what I've seen.
  • I have many maps that I like, particularly the cityscapes and Tron. However I always find myself coming back to Katabatic.
  • Still awesomness.
  • Why not try working on legends?