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  • Wasn't the game designed for 98?
  • I'll check into the IRC channel to try and catch you Thyth, hopefully you can shed some light on my problem then. EDIT: Apex has helped me out on the IRC channel, I will be able to test his fix tonight but I think it will work. Thanks man! EDIT: Fix worked, thanks. See you online
  • Alright, I had a go at installing windows on my mac using boot camp but it did not work and it seems like it will be more of a headache then trying to get this workaround to work. I have installed T2 / rc2 again with crossover games and followed the instructions in this thread but T2 will not launch. The T2 icon shows up…
  • I have tried the experimental version to no avail. I'm tired of workarounds and just want the game to work at this point so I'll go will xp. See you guys online
  • Thanks for the fast reply, so would SP3 be a bad idea? Why SP2? Just want to understand the issue before I dive in.
  • This did not work for me, Mac0SX 10.6.3 and crossover games 8.1.4. The game wont even launch, pops up in the dock for a few seconds then disappears.
  • Just curious if there have been any developments in this area...I read somewhere that rc2 should work perfectly with wine1.11 and later, and crossover games runs on the latest version of wine so there's clearly some other issue here. Now with SI for construction out I would REALLY like to get on rc2!
  • Ok, just installed fresh with rc1 and it worked perfectly. There must be something up with rc2...atleast for those of us (probably just me) running on a mac with crossover games or some other wine based "emulator." Hopefully this can be fixed but I understand it's probably not a huge priority. I am glad to be a tester…
  • Thanks, but I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling both t2, AND crossover games (just to be safe) and I get the same problem. In a very strange situation I manged to get to the tribesnext login in the game and when I typed my info it said something like "Tribes 2 wasn't run from the patched executable, close your game and…
  • Any chance I can get the RC1 patch again so I can revert? Is this hosted somewhere still?
  • By the way I should mention that I'm running T2 on a mac using Crossover Games and I have been doing this for a very long time with no hiccups. Here's a log of whats going on when I try to launch the game.. --- Starting '/Applications/CrossOver Games.app/Contents/SharedSupport/CrossOverGames/bin/wineloader'…