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  • Yeah, really IMO. I've only played a total of 5 maps since I just came back from 6yr hiatus and I'm starting to mo-down people in duels easily (although from playing Wolfenstein - ET after I left T2, that's added skill/growth now in use :P)... man ET was fun until the US/NA Comp. community died out.
  • As for the person getting shot by tanks in the air, yeah that's just sucking. I wouldn't always expect that in a game like Crysis Wars for example, but in T2 it's just silly. In the end, all I got to say is my CG skills are coming back 8).
  • It's not a "bad" game (Crysis Wars), but the support isn't really there from the developer. I played it since it came out and finally got fed up with it's crap/uninstalled. Then I came across the TN project and here I am. I could name all the issues with the game (and it's community), but trust me when I say don't waste…
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  • Judging by the server list, there's about 100 players on at the moment. Although I think the actual player-base for this game is 150 players. That's if I'm reading the server list correctly.
  • Smurf IIRC is another word for aliases. Man I was on last night for a little bit, pretty much suck now with the CG lol. I guess that's what happens after 6yrs. I can still set up a mean flag D as an engineer though. Back in the day I did both, but I really do miss the HO train days. I think I'm going to try and get my CG…
  • This would be the legendary Renegades Mod (or NinjaMod, see: Ninja-Xr Mod in the Mod Forums). The original Renegades Team (Renwerx) are still around and developing a T2-like game called Ancension. It'll be closer to T2 than Legions or TV ever were. The sad part is that they won't even enter into closed-beta until the end…
  • Thanks, I should have fun with this :o.
  • Good, that means I should have 0 problems running T2 on Vista HP 32-bit :). Another thing that makes this game so awesome was that so much of it server-side which makes hacks/aimbots difficult to really be effective and best of all, no PB-junk to screw things up.
  • Lol, that's so clear IMO. That's just getting pwnd I'm sorry lol. Hey Kryand, I'm just now getting back into the game after like what 6yrs. Can you tell me what custom HUD/script you're using? It's very nice and neat/minimal (although I'm assuming an icon comes up as to which grenade/deployable you have when selected?).…
  • Yeah I saw the super long thread on it. IMO, a HO TRAIN made up of very skilled HO's (lol) really can't be stopped. Especially if you got a train of 4+. It may take me a few weeks to get back into the groove of the game, but when I do... oh it's ova' lol.